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Fire Safety & Code Compliance Strategies

In working with contractors in North Texas over the past three decades, we saw the need for a plan review and design firm that is dedicated to your success, and not just their own! We are here to help the industry practice code-compliant strategies to keep North Texas safe in the event of a fire.

Third Party Plan Review

Plans Approved

Unlike other plan review firms, our #1 priority is to assist you in getting a GreenTag. Instead of being an obstacle, we want to help you succeed. We feel that with our support, you will get a GreenTag on every inspection, helping you, as well as our local jurisdictions, work together more efficiently in protecting the public and its facilities. With 62 years of combined Fire Protection experience, our plan review team has an exceptional track record of being thorough, efficient, and accurate.

At GreenTag, we believe that bigger isn’t always better. Through an unmatched and extensive code understanding, we have had great success educating our customers on how to avoid over-engineering their design, yielding a better bottom line for them, and a safer, more sustainable fire alarm, or sprinkler system for the public’s safety. Having GreenTag’s team of code experts working hand in hand with both parties, we provide the perfect balance between the AHJ and the installer, resulting in a well-planned, code compliant, yet profitable project. At GreenTag, we take great pride in being an honest, reliable go-between for everyone involved.